Fritz & Gignoux gardens are drawn from nature, executed with precision, built with our oversight and by the most skilled craftsmen and women of our region, inspired by our wealth of experience, extensive travels and our client's dreams. No two gardens are the same. We tailor each garden to our client's taste and vision, drawing upon decades of experience and skill. 

We opened our office in 1991, and have been producing award winning projects which include gardens and garden structures. The built environment for our designs begins at the footprint of the roof of the house. We work collaboratively with architects and engineers to develop breathtaking and magical gardens. We incorporate many structural elements into our landscape plans and are involved in the process of making the garden an extension of the house, ensuring that the garden is accessible to people of all ages. As both an architect and landscape architect, Scott enables our gardens to make a seamless transition between the built environment of the house and the built environment of the garden.


Our gardens have good architecture to frame them and lovely, artful plantings to fill them. They feel right. There is that quality of light, air and poetry. As the great English garden designer, plantswoman and artist, Gertrude Jekyll once summarized, ‘it is just in the way it is done that lies the whole difference between commonplace gardening and gardening that may rightly claim to rank as a fine art. Given the same space of ground and the same material, they may either be fashioned into a dream of beauty, a place of perfect rest and refreshment of mind and body--a series of soul satisfying pictures--a treasure of well-set jewels; or they may be so misused that everything is jarring and displeasing. To learn how to perceive the difference and how to do right is to apprehend gardening as a fine art.’

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