Connecticut Classic

In this mature New England inspired garden, classic proportion reigns. The pathways and driveway are so simply and elegantly rendered as to appear to have been there for a century. The landscape is a fine example of superior craftsmanship. The driveway is constructed of handmade brick with a cut granite curbing.

Modeled after a Connecticut farmhouse, the garden was designed to have blooming interest year round and to provide a level of formality, yet scaled back for young children. When in bloom, the glorious cascade created by the three Pee Gee Hydrangea on center with the sand molded brick path is reminiscent of the old New England vernacular architecture that inspired our client. The old french rose growing above the garage door is as beautiful an arbor as could be imagined. The May and June display of pink is simply breathtaking.  

Many unusual trees including a Weeping Katsura, shrubs and perennials are found throughout the garden. There is a spring cutting garden along the side path with a show of Japanese Primrose, Foxglove and old fashioned fragrant peonies. A Copper Beech tree in the front was made into a playground where the children swing and climb on the weekends and after school. The oval limestone terrace with the wide grass joints in the rear garden is a uniquely gracious element with wide lawn stairs inviting you into the garden.

This garden has a life of its own, from season to season it is always impeccable and always understated yet explosive and interesting, much like Dumbarton Oaks and the writing of American author Edith Wharton, both early inspirations for this garden.

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