Grey Lady

We were asked to begin thinking about a garden when our longtime clients finally found their dream property on Nantucket. The old scrub pine gave the property a haunted, desolate  feeling. Two years later after the house was built, they were ready for a garden. Our client wanted to be able to pick a fresh bouquet of flowers every day, she needed organized beds and natural areas, with vibrant color out of the kitchen windows and her office and white hydrangea out the bedroom windows. Then, our wonderful client said something amazing, ‘we love what you do and know it will be beautiful,’ and she let us go.

We planned drifts of color following the English color wheel theory used for perennial borders, we planted meadows under high bush blueberries, sweeps of wild flowers and stepping stone paths, more meadows, orchards, native trees, the largest collection of hydrangea on the island, over 10,000 perennials and shrubs, a wedding walk of white Emile Mouillere macrophylla hydrangea, a hot (hot color) garden off the kitchen, a New England stone terrace, a 350’ long x 15’ wide perennial border stocked with perennials and shrubs to fill vase after vase each and every summer day.

Early evening or early morning is the best time of day on Nantucket, the light is a soft pink. The 4 acres of gardens are lit as though from the splendid morning scene in the 2005 film ‘Pride and Prejudice’ with Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen. There is enough garden here for generations to enjoy in the harvesting of fruits from the orchard, blueberries from the high bush berry grove, herbs and spices from the hot garden and flowers from the long border. This is truly an  enchanted garden.

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