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We have been running our Washington, DC based Landscape Architecture firm for 27 years and have built over 350 gardens. In our busy, small office, we work on a wide range of projects in both residential design and historic preservation. We handle all aspects of the exterior environment from siting the house before it is constructed to completion of the landscape hardscape and softscape elements to advising on long term garden maintenance.


Our landscape design projects are multi-disciplinary as many of our clients work with an architect and civil engineer. During the design phase, we work with our client as we develop a landscape plan which includes masonry, grading, plantings and select building materials. After obtaining pricing, we oversee our installations, managing all the details. 


Landscape Architecture draws upon the elements of architecture, a deep understanding of landscape formation and site and a wealth of background in plants, climate and building materials and building construction. Building a garden is a process, a journey. Afterwards, we help you protect your investment and regularly review and advise on maintenance.

The Places: Our farm, 'Fritz Glen Farm' , a William Penn farm, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

BA Architecture, Penn State 

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Virginia Tech

The Places: Our Virginia farm,  ‘The Riggory’, Chateau du Pin, Champtoce-sur-Loire, France

St. Mark's School, Southborough, Massachusetts

BA University of Virginia, Government and Foreign Affairs

CNN, Segment Producer, Atlanta

Master of Landscape Architecture, Virginia Tech

ASLA National Distinction Award

Offie of Dan Kiley, East Charlotte, Vermont

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