Georgetown Cottage

Featured on the Georgetown Garden tour, this garden is the perfect example of classic elegance. There are three parts to this classic English cottage garden which is tucked along 34th Street on the west side of Georgetown. The garden surrounds a historic house which was once home to a blacksmith some 200 years ago. It is a small house relative to today’s suburban standards and at one time there was an attached barn. Our client restored this lovely old house adding layers of charm to the interiors and then we did the same thing to her garden which encircles the house on three sides which makes the property and home feel larger. She wanted a garden for reading and relaxing as well as a family garden.

The garden begins as you enter the beautiful cottage gate and walk under a pleached aerial hedge of Littleleaf Linden trees. Carefully sandwiched between the boxwood hedge and Linden aerial hedge is an area for garbage storage. The front garden, or entry court is a long 40’ x 15’ space with a generous, inviting field stone path leading to the side gate. Here an inviting English border is filled with seasonal annual and perennial flowers for a joyful and always colorful display. A brick arch connects the old brick wall to the brick house. Entering through a second lovely English garden gate, the garden opens to a walled garden filled with ferns, espalier magnolia and english ivy shaped into the diamond patterns of a Belgian lattice fence.  

At the end of the delightful stone path, the sun shines on the rear garden with a large stone terrace, and old brick wall framing the space. We designed a proper shed and fence on the south side of the garden. A Yoshino cherry is planted on center as you step down to the lower dining terrace. Dwarf apple trees are espaliered on the brick garden walls along with climbing clematis and roses. The comfortable upper terrace flows off the kitchen to the outdoor grill area with ample lounge chair seating. Here in the middle of a busy city is one of most gracious spaces imaginable.

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