Chain Bridge

We created an experiential garden that transports you, engulfs your senses with astounding fragrance, views and sound. First things first, we endeavored to bring our client's house into the garden, to architecturally connect her garden to the house using a combination of architectural and soft plantings. We helped her select a paint color for the house, and began the new garden in the front moving around to the rear. The new front garden incorporated paths, field stone walls, ethereal planting beds, a bench, ladders for climbing roses.

The front garden came to life when the lovely main path which merges with side paths from both the driveway and sidewalk was built. This juxtaposition of function and meandering makes for a delightful walking experience. We placed a Thoreau bench where the eye catches it in the corner of the landscape. Mounds of perennial plantings, bulbs including alliums, tulips and daffodils provide flowering interest for 3 seasons with evergreen giving yearround framework.


Moving to the rear garden, we designed a series of terraced gardens, a pool with a fountain, stone terraces, stone steps, stone paths and fragrant, colorful hillside plantings including a collection of old English and French roses. Our client gave us much freedom. We knew how much she loved the landscapes of northern California, her home state, the region of Provence, France, and she had a deep love of fragrance and color. 


The old fragrant French and English rose garden encompasses the hillside and was planned based on the sloped rose gardens in Grasse, Francre. We decided to use the entire slope area for a remarkable cascading garden with winding stone steps. To fit in the full size pool for our client's active family, we extended a level terrace off the rear of the house, and terraced down to a long French inspired pool terrace which would capture the views of the Potomac river shed area.

To further screen the upper terrace from the lower terrace and create garden rooms, we used vertical trees on the upper terrace creating an allee with views through the allee to the cobalt blue pool with its stone fountain. The sound of water, fragrance wafting from dozens and dozens of old roses, glimpses to the gracious stone steps and the cascading plants winding down to the lowest garden terrace at the bottom of the steep hill just above the monarch butterfly garden. 

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